JANUARY:  Bill de Blasio sets a personal tardiness record and misses his own inauguration as New York’s Mayor.  Aides blame calendar confusion – the Mayor-elect hadn’t replaced the Mayan one that ended in 2012.  Democrats deplore America’s increasing concentration of wealth, a golden oldie first popularized in 1896.  Tailoring William Jennings Bryan’s classic speech to his own inimitable style, President 0bama declares, “Let me be clear. You shouldn’t crucify mankind upon a cross of, uh, stuff.”  His soaring oratory again sends the media into paroxysms of adoration.  Chris Matthews’s leg tingles so wildly, all eight MSNBC viewers call 911 to report he’s having an epileptic seizure. 

FEBRUARY:  George Will points out, “The math is inescapable: if wealth had been concentrating since 1896, two people, at most, would have all of it by now.”  The IRS begins auditing Will, starting with 1962 return.  Americans getting 0bamacare health plans discover they prohibit discrimination against doctors’ prior conditions, too, including death.  Jay Carney brags several dead doctors haven’t opted out of 0bamacare.  A government scheme to provide free hosiery to disadvantaged women encounters unexpected opposition from feminists outraged by its slogan “Spread the L’eggs.” Continue Reading »

Coming soon, to a country near you.

Coming soon, to a country near you.

The Comedy of Egos

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Harry Converts The Innocents

Harry Converts The Innocents



With massive world-wide backing, President Obama bravely hints he might or might not do something, sometime, about, you know, naughty stuff in one of those countries that should be attacking Israel.